Wednesday, October 21, 2009

When life is at its darkest...your power is probably out

So, I'm not really having a good week... I know I promised that I would have an entry or two up a while ago, but I've been having computer issues. My computer is only about three years old, but it's ready for the old-age home. It keeps crashing, my internet can't be sustained for longer than 10-20 minutes at a time, and I can't even keep Word going for very long so I can do some writing before it freezes up. I've tried all the usual tricks and gotten tips from others for new ones: I've re-formatted, defragged, scrubbed, scanned, searched, backed up and deleted everything I can think of to get this piece of crap to work. The last two weeks, it's been going downhill faster than a fat kid down a mountain, and the last two nights I've been up until the wee hours (very, VERY wee) trying to keep the damn thing from exploding. I have no Outlook anymore (well, I have it sporadically), and internet keeps giving me the finger. I want to punch everyone at Dell and Microsoft in the SOUL!

So I'm saving for a Mac. Yes, a Mac. I actually wanted a Mac when I went shopping for my present computer, but they didn't have the Intel core at the time, and I've been a PC baby for so long, I just couldn't bear the thought of having to get everything I owned all over again, only Mac-compatible. But now the good ol' Mac is able to take pretty much anything that Microsoft can dish out, has far less virus issues, is now cheaper (seriously, they increased the RAM to minimum of 2G and cut $80 off the price just over the last two days...fuck yeah), and I'm totally in love with the iMovie and GarageBand programs. WANT! Looking at a Mac Mini is like looking at the Holy Grail right now. Unfortunately, it's also like looking at about $1000 that I don't have. So, I'm writing this post on my work computer during my lunch break, and it looks like it may be quite a while longer before I end up posting any of my saved entries. Sorry, guys, I can't help it if my computer sucks. :(

Anyone have a thousand bucks I can borrow?

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  1. welcome to the dark sssssside....
    mwaaa haa haa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.....
    the side where Mac's rule the world in complete and utter bliss.